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Add unlimited product options to your products

Escape from Shopify limitation of 3 options, and encourages your buyers to customize their own products to their needs based on flexible option choices. Works with every Shopify product.

Add extra options to your products, like text, dropdowns, swatches, images, and more.

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Create custom product options that amaze

Level up your customer experience with 20+ option types. Boost conversions and AOV with flexible pricing to create upsells, add-ons. Works seamlessly with Shopify discounts.

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Powerful & simple

Being feature-rich, it is easy to set up & publish your product options.

Advance builder

Build options with drag-n-drop form builder & global style settings.

Build form easily with drag-and-drop form builder & modify forms style with global settings.

Better conversion

Encourage customers to customize products to their needs based on flexible choices. 

Show every potential product options to customers to create engaging shopping experiences.

Trusted by 3000+ Shopify stores

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Unlimited custom product options, swatches, input fieldswith conditional logic & price add-ons.

Premium Golf T-shirt
Premium Golf T-shirt

Premium Golf T-shirt


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It's so easy to set up


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Create your options

Add options easily with our drag-and-drop form builder 

Publish your options

Bulk apply options to multiple products by automation

Integrate new options
to multiple products
at once

Automate option set assignment based on flexible conditions, saving even more time and effort

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Multiple option types for multiple goals

Choose and combine your product options from 20+ types of custom fields: 

Input fields (text/paragraph, upload,..)

Swatch fields (color/image)

Dropdown or Buttons fields

Single or Multiple selections 

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Price Add-ons for
bigger basket

Assign prices for all available options by linking options with existing Shopify product variants and their prices to become extra charges.

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Conditional logic for relevant choices

Decide when product options fields will be visible on the product page based on the customers' previous selections of fields or product variants.

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The most user-friendly
product options app ever made


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In-cart Editing for worry-free purchases

Reduce cart abandonment by allowing quick fixes and adjustments without leaving the checkout flow.

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Dynamic Swatches for appealing variant pickers

Use color swatches, image swatches, or other formats (button, radio, dropdown, dropdown image/color,...) to highlight product features and options.

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Live Preview

Enhance the shopping experience and satisfaction by letting customers see the real-time changes on gallery image of the product page. 

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Live Preview

Enhance the shopping experience by letting customers see the real-time changes of the final product directly on the product pages. 

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Price Add-ons

Assign prices for all available fields as a flat rate, price for each option, or price per each letter added to text or paragraph fields. 

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Displaying Selected options
for cohesive experience


Assign prices for all available options by linking options with existing Shopify product variants and their prices to become extra charges.

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More features built with you in mind

Pre-selected Options

Choose the set value for product options by defaults when buyers visit product pages.

Limit character

Set the max numbers of characters (on text field) or lines (on paragraph fields).

Tooltips & Default value  

Show short text of instructions or notes for customers when customizing their products.

Form Display

Display dynamic options on Quickview collection page or Features products home page

Global Style Settings

Customize your options style, display types, and colors to reflect your brand.

Required/Optional fields

Make fields required or optional, and show warning message if required fields are blank.


Limit file upload format

Allow customers to up any type of file or just allow them to upload some specific types

calendar (1) 1.png__PID:d8384891-1680-470a-8e93-17e7bd31da1e

Limit date picker

Limit some date customers can or can not select like past date, weekdays, or any specific day


Change option position

Display options under Description, before quantity selector, or open options in popup modal


Show option everywhere

From cart, checkout, order detail to confirmation email, packing slip to increase purchase confidence


Quantity on option value

Allow customers to set a quantity of any option value they choose

Live Chat Support

Our support team are always ready to come to rescue via the live chat in-app.  

What our Shopify merchants are saying

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Start expanding product options

Choose a plan that works best for your store, feel free to contact us if you need more details.

Start expanding
product options

Choose a plan that works best for your store, feel free to contact us if you need more details.


$ 0.00 /month

Unlimited option sets
Bulk apply option sets
All option types
Duplicate option set
Conditional logic
Custom Shopify options (20 products)

Unlimited  option sets
Bulk apply option sets
Basic option types
Duplicate option set
Conditional logic
Custom Shopify options (20 products)

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$ 19.99 /month

Everything in FREE plan
Unlimited options & option sets
Bulk import/export option sets
Maximum/minimum selections
File upload
Color picker
Image dropdown
Price Add-ons for upselling
Add-on sale report
Edit options in cart
Custom Shopify options (unlimited)

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